Dec 9 to 11, 2020

No Travel Required!


So, this might sound a little unconventional at first. But hear me out.

Your business has TWO tracks. 

First, there’s the Strategy Track. This is all the stuff we typically associate with business. Your marketing. Your sales. Your systems. Your team. Your client on-boarding processes.

And running right alongside the Strategy Track is something I call “the Soul Track.” 

The Soul Track is your mindset. Your energy. Your message and authenticity. Plus your fears, anxieties, and emotions. (Oh, and the part of you that’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Let’s not forget her!)

If you’re ONLY working on the Strategy Track (“I tripled my pricing – but no one’s buying!”) without checking the Soul Track for age-old feelings of worthlessness or fears of being judged, then you’re most likely not where you want to be in terms of success and income in your business. 

So here’s the fun part.  

When your Strategy Track and your Soul Track are both working…when they are both clear and aligned… that’s when everything CLiCKS. That’s when income multiplies, ideal clients appear, your high-level team and support staff find you. It’s when you get confident, and get out of your own way. It’s when you understand what exactly you’re doing and why you’re doing it. 

It all just… clicks. 

And in December, I’m hosting a three-day, all-virtual retreat. (All the connection, all the content…without the travel and the masks.) It’s called CLiCK.  And together we’re going to work on the Strategy AND the Soul of your business for three days.


This year’s virtual retreat is different and here’s how you can attend:


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Christine made confusing things simple and made impossible tasks possible. I made $100,000 in my healing business in my first year. But the best part is that I did it authentically, using the value already in my business but never even realized was there!

Lisa Zimmerman

In my first seven months of my business, I used to only make an average of $400/month.  I used a few of Christine’s techniques from CLiCK and I made $7,270.00!

Nevin Elgendy

The systems, strategies and confidence I have gained from working with Christine are extraordinary tools that I will use forever in my business. Within eight months, I tripled my annual income!

Lori Crete

Before, I was doing about 30-40 gigs a year. Sometimes I’d get about $750 per show, but actually more than half of my shows were for free. I now get $3K, 5K, and 8 or 10K per show. I couldn’t have done it without the support of Christine.

Khaiim Kelly


Yes! This is a 100% Online Virtual Event - No Travel Required

CLiCK is where the rubber meets the road, or your STRATEGY meets the SOUL. During our three days together, we dive into your systems of marketing and selling (and much more) – with a deep focus on how your energy impacts the strategy behind each of these areas of business.  It’s a radically different experience.

Each day we’ll be Upleveling your mindset - and clearing away all the little blocks that have stopped you in your tracks, until now. 

Don’t forget the coaching. I’ll be coaching people through the exercises and tools we introduce so the transformation starts on the spot.

Day One:
The “backstage” of your business.

This is where you’ll discover the money on the table. We’re going to get you clear on your ideal client, your unique value, and your message. (Because after 2020, you need to understand what you’re all about and how to share that message with the world.)

We’ll spend time crafting your offer and working on your pricing, the very thing that most people avoid. (In other words, don’t come if you’re not willing to get at least a little uncomfortable!)

Day Two:
The “front stage” of your business.

This means we’ll be looking at the HOW. How you get yourself and your services out there. (Yes, this is called marketing.) How you grow a list of devoted fans and followers. And of course, how you make money - and how you get clients and customers.

When you learn how to see marketing not as some gimmicky tactic, but as a way you put energy out there and communicate - you will hear yourself saying the most beloved phrase among my Uplevel Clients: "This shit works!" It does indeed. But you have to know how to do it right.

Day Three:
The “showcase” of your business.

You’ve got the front and back stage ready to go - now it’s time to embody all your efforts. (Yes, you get steep in everything you’ve created!)

Together we’ll wrap up any loose ends, put an ease to those last wiggly niggly worries, and together create a clear plan of action so you can bravely re-enter reality. Feel the convergence of your Soul Track and Strategy Track as you walk away with clear next steps and unstoppable confidence.

By the way... Hello

My name is Christine Kane and I’m an educator, a coach, an entrepreneur, an artist - and most recently, an author of a book called The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur.

I’ve started and built two different businesses from the ground up. No investors. No rich relatives. And no clue. (At least, at first.)

I’ve applied the exact strategies I'll be teaching you during CLiCK. I’ve done the transformative work of Upleveling in both tracks of my business: the Strategy Track and the Soul Track. These are the methods that changed my life.

This is a call into your own power and your self-awareness… which delivers you from fear and grasping and grabbing as yet another avoidance technique.

See you there,


Come join us for the
CLiCK Virtual Retreat

Go deeper. Be inspired. Get challenged. Move further, faster next year.
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Your path to success and prosperity simply must be authentic and soul-sourced, and not measured by anyone else’s definition of success.